Schedule a PAWDICURE 

Have your pet's nails trimmed from the comfort of your own home.

> Eliminates the need for travel - great for pets that have a tough time riding in the car or struggle with mobility.

> Beneficial for pets with touch sensitivities. We prioritize minimal restraint by utilizing low-stress handling techniques and food-based rewards, ensuring a pawsitive experience for your pet.

> With fees structured with touch-sensitive and amputee/partially-declawed pets in mind, we offer flexible pricing, providing the option of charging by paw.

> Options include manual clipping, manual filing and electric grinding.

New clients receive 10% OFF their first invoice. Student discounts, Senior discounts and Military discounts are also offered.

**We do require your presence during trimming, as it provides additional comfort for your pet and lends support in holding and treating. A consultation is required prior to service, but we’re able to trim your pet’s nails same-day, depending on their comfort level and needs.

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Initial consultations not required for Yard Clean-up services.
**An updated Rabies vaccine is required in order to recieve services. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.**
Food allergies or sensitivities, previous surgeries or injuries, lumps and/or bumps, etc. Please include the names of any medication/s your pet/s receives.
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