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At Hoppy Tails Pet Services, we know that finding the right person to care for your furry family member is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your pet's needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

It’s very important to us to make sure we're the best fit for your pets, so we want to make sure we’re asking all of the right questions. By visiting you at your home, we can meet your pet in an environment in which they are most comfortable. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your pet’s likes and dislikes, habits, mental and physical needs, and care requirements. 

Please fill out the pre-consultation form below to the best of your ability, or to your level of comfortability.

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Emergency Contact
They will be authorized to make decisions regarding the care of your pets or home if we can not reach you in case of an emergency. Please note whether or not they have a copy of your house key/live in the area. (It does not have to be someone who lives nearby).
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Phone Number
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Services you're interested in:
Initial consultations not required for Yard Clean-up services.
Food allergies or sensitivities, previous surgeries or injuries, lumps and/or bumps, etc. Please include the names of any medication/s your pet/s receives.
Reactivity, aggression, possessive behaviors or resource guarding, territorial behavior, anxiety, separation anxiety, sensitivities to touch, prey drive, unwanted behaviors, etc.
Pet Sitting // Pawp-in or Overnight Visits
Please fill out the questions below if you're interested in the service listed above.
Please select the complimentary concierge services in which you may be interested.
Ex. please turn kitchen sink light on overnight and turn off in morning druing the day.
Please include specific instructions for each pet including feeding times, food type (dry food, wet food, raw food, etc), brand, measurements (1 can, 1 cup, etc.), eating preferences (hand feed, feed in plastic bowl - include location in home, does not like to eat in front of others, etc).
If so, please include specific instructions for each pet including *medication name and physical description of bottle/container (and where it is located inside home), purpose of medication, time of administration, measurement (1 tablet, 1 capsule, etc), administration preferences (in peanut butter, crushed and placed in morning meal, pilled, etc.).
Please include a description of your pet's "normal" bowel movements (ex. usualy goes #2 in morning and night, stools are normally more loose than form, occasionally has blood in stool, etc.).
Are there any known areas of structural weaknesses or possible means of escape?
Please describle fence boundries and list any exiting instructions for pet (ex. when leaving yard for leashed walks, remove collar and place inside on kithen table, ask for "sit" and "wait" at end of driveway [about 6 feet behind curb] and release with "okay" before exiting).
Please be sure to include any restrictions or concerns in your answer below.
Ex. focus on a leashed walk during visit, make sure they recieve a leashed walk 15-30 minutes per day, do not play for more than 15 minutes at a time, etc.
Temperature and time restrictions, guidelines for weatherwear (boots, jackets, coats, etc.), etc.
If left to free-roam, please list any items that need to be placed out of reach (trash cans, cords, shoes, etc.) or rooms that need to be blocked-off (shut door to all bedrooms, etc.).
Please include their name, address and phone number below.
Please list the following (if necessary/applicable): > Alarm Company’s Name/Phone > Access Code > Alarm Instructions > Garage Access Code
Front door, side door on garage, back door, garage door.
Please provide color, make and model.
Please note if parking passes or permits are required.
Ex. Guest room - at the end of the main hallway on the right, living room brown leather couch, beige fabric pull-out couch, living room floor, etc. *We are equipped with portable sleeping acommodations (air mattresses, floor matresses, etc.).
Ex. bathroom and shower on main floor, WiFi, TV/Amazon Prime/Netflix/Hulu in basement, all kitchen appliances except the oven, etc.
Grooming // Pawdicure
Please fill out the questions below if you're interested in the service listed above.
Growls, tries to bite - needs to be muzzled, calm and collected, indifferent, squirmy, likes to lay down, does best with no restraint, does better with short breaks in between toes/feet, etc.

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